Letra de Revelation

The Haunted

Letra de Revelation de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

As an outlet for oppression,
And as a tool for control,
Icons of a sterile creed have come to rule man´s destiny.

In the guise of self-made saviuors
They´ve tried to enslave us all,
But these holy chains of imprisonment will be shattered
By the death of god.

Encircled by a deceitful light,
You escape the harsh reality.
Live sheltered from the awful truths
You internalize the lies of a dead revelation.

Within the iron gates of fate,
They send their lambs to certain death.
Control, kill, justify
You´ve internalized their lies of a fake revelation.

You buy redemtion, they crush your pride
And feed your mind with visions spawned by fools.