Letra de The shifter

The Haunted

Letra de The shifter de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

Generic, symbolic bullshit
Simplified, cliché rehash
It´s all streamlined, adjusted to match
Pimped-up junk rides and a minimum life span

Consider a truth (and you hate it)
It´s all just a game to you (so you lose)
I´ll give you a clue (a foul taste to prove)
If you do what they pay you to do - What are you?

A common thief should feel more pride than you

Washed out, dumbed down crash site
No brain conceptional straight faced lies
An army of well-dressed mannequins
House-broke clones without a clue as to why and what for...

The harder you fight it (the more your lose)
Because it´s all right there (in the fine print)
Never mind how you go about it
The sad truth; it´s just a part of the process...

A common thief should left more pride than you

Move - Move the goods
Push - Keep pushing the product