Letra de La cantina

Lil Rob

Letra de La cantina de Lil Rob
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( Lil Rob )

What´s up ese
Nah, last night was the bomb homey
We got tore up ay
But I woke up with this big hangover
Lemme tell you, a little story about the cantina

I usually wait til Sunday to have my menudo
But it´s Saturday and I woke up all crudo
I think I had one too many shots of tequila
Mira, I heard I made a toast to mi vida
Left a big tip, mariachis took my grip
And the sad thing about it is I don´t remember shit
Wait a minute, bartender can you pass me a lemon
And a nice cold Tacate, thank you, simon
Anyways, yesterday was the bomb all night long
Getting drunk off my ass, bottoms up on the glass
Presidente and Coke, 1800´s no joke
Had me feeling like I never felt before so pour some more
Til I hit the floor or stumble out the door
And if that happens, it´s time to hit the liquor store
Drinkin Tacates, or Cerveza Martina
Taking shots of tequila while I´m la cantina

You can catch me in la cantina getting drunk
La cantina, cuz that´s where we party up
La cantina´s mi vida, you know it´s true
La cantina, cantina you know that I love you

I said I wouldn´t drink no more, but this can´t be true
Cuz it´s not even noon and I already had two
Times three, that´s me taking all that I can take
Want me to promise that I won´t drink, but that´s a promise I can´t make
So suffering, hungover from the night before
But the only way to fix it is to drink some more
So did I? But of course what you think?
I´m sitting at the bar from the beers that I won´t drink
You gotta be kidding me, the buzz is hitting me
Got me feeling light-headed
I´m headed to the park with the homey Spark
But they had some besto there tambien
A couple twelve-packs that they jacked
I´m feelin like I can´t win
Everywhere I go there´s alcohol til I fall
It´s 7 o´clock, but will I make it to last call
You vatos gonna be here for a while?
If so I´ll see ya
But if not you know where I´ll be homey, at the cantina


Back in the cantina, sippin my cerveza
It´s gonna be the same way as last night holmes, I bet ya
Primos and friends from one night to the other end
The wicked wicked wino, is getting drunk again
Stumbling, I´m wasted and it shows
And wouldn´t be suprised if later on I´m throwing blows
Cuz that´s the way it goes, and everybody knows
But I´ll just relax and go with the flow
Bartender I´m ready for another shot and won´t stop until I drop
Or til somebody calls the cops
My primo picks me up off the floor
And said "Homey you´re tore up
We´re cutting you off, you´re not drinking anymore"
Drag me out, up the hill to mi caton
The bar´s a few minutes away but it took me a hour to get home
I´ve learned my leason, rule number one of la cantina
Don´t mix cerveza with tequila


You know every weekend I say I´m never gonna drink again
But I´m always going back to the cantina with mi familia
That´s right, and if there´s one thing I´ve learned
It´s don´t mix cerveza with tequila
I´m warning you