Letra de I know how it feels

Lil Rob

Letra de I know how it feels de Lil Rob
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( Lil Rob )

I know how it feels
You´ve been hurt so bad
I know how it feels
You´ve been hurt so bad

*talking over chorus*
Are you ok?
I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything, anytime
I couldn´t help but notice that something was wrong
And by the look in your eyes, it´s no suprise, it can only be one thing

Don´t think I know what I´d do, it hurt before just like you
Even the best get depressed, still loneliest loneliness
Got so much on my chest, that I can´t rest
And I´m sleepless and I keep this a secret
Only the girl I wanna be with doesn´t see it, can´t believe it
Doesn´t need this so she´s leaving, I´m the reason
I still love her for all seasons, I´m in pieces
Turn my frown upside down so no one sees this, I mean this


*talking over chorus*
I know how it feels
But there´s really nothing you can do
There´s someone for everyone
And maybe he´s just not the one for you

Beware of the danger at the fork in love´s road
Sick in bed feeling cold and alone, please come back home
Sometimes I feel I should just let her go
If she comes back to me she´s meant for me
Will she love someone instead of me
The intensity is killing me
You don´t want this misery
How will it be, is this the way it feels to be destroyed
That´s what I did to her, that´s what she did to me
I´m thinking of her, and I´m hoping that she´s missing me
You feeling me


*talking over chorus*
I know, I know
Every smiling face ain´t a happy one
And everybody is somebody´s fool
And you´re no exeption to the rule
I know

This is real
Give me a hand
Baby, baby, baby
And I´ll make you understand
That baby this is so real

*talking over bridge*
Staying up late at night
Play my records till I just don´t wanna hear them anymore
Reminicing on all of the times we had, you know

Memories of long ago, love letters let her know
Words of love so meaningful, I just can´t see her go
It´s gonna take a miracle, torture and sadness
Paired when I´m lonely drives me insane, I wish things were the same
She doesn´t know how bad it kills me inside
Hide the tears behind my eyes, won´t show through my pride
With a touch that warms me through and through
I know how it feels, I know what you´re going through
There´s nothing you can do, I feel for you, I truely do


*talking over chorus*
Cuz I know, I know
I know, I know
Can´t sleep at night
Got no appetite
But everything´s gonna be alright
I know