Letra de Let me try

Lil Rob

Letra de Let me try de Lil Rob
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Letra de LET ME TRY de LIL ROB.

( Lil Rob )

[Lil´ Rob]
They wanna manipulate your mind, but don´t try it
Even if I was the devil and wanted your soul, I wouldn´t but it
I choose to stay quiet, they claiming the bigger demeanor
I wanna be like David and Goliath, shut their mouth, finally silence
I hold the Corona, I live in la colona
Ain´t got No One To Depend On, no tengo nade like I told ya
They follow like a soldier, I´d rather be my own general
What goes up must come down, what goes around comes around like teatherball
I shine like Armor All, watch the Wildsdale partners fall
Watch out for the handshake, fall down flat on the ground
All down like a big flat pancake
Baby let me be the guy for the time of your life
And baby let me be the lowride for the part of your life
Let me be that part of your life, many guy have come to you
With a line that wasn´t true (wasn´t true), and you, passed them by
Now your in the center ring and their lies don´t mean a thing (mean a thing)
Why don´t you, let me try

[Chorus: Bizz]
Many guys have come to you
With a line that wasn´t true
And you passed them by
Now your in the center ring
And their lies don´t mean a thing
Why don´t you let me try

[Lil´ Rob]
You come to my town like once every week
And I can´t sleep, cuz anticipation got me up like I was tweeking
Everytime you look at me it´s seems like you got control of my breathing
Could it be that you want me, or could it be you´re just teasing
Or could it be that I´m just dreaming, just my imagination running away with me
Would it be too much to ask if you could stay with me
Lay with me, play with me, and maybe, to spend the day with me
Cuz baby, you got this little boy acting crazily
Now I don´t wear a diamond ring, I don´t even know what song to sing
But I do know one thing, all the happiness I can bring
I´m your puppet, but please don´t take advantage of the string
Cuz I could lose you once, feel the tangle, and I´ll have to find myself a brand new thing
So tell me what you think, between love and hate there´s a line that´s thin
So don´t leave me in the dark, don´t leave me on the outside looking in
Many guys have come to you with a line that wasn´t true
But baby I´m for real, so tell me how you feel


[Lil´ Rob]
I take it you´ve been hurt before, but I was just thinking
Is it possible in this evil world to find a little faithfulness in just one girl
It´s like finding a needle in a haystack
See I understand that people make mistakes
But everyone´s always out for the payback, they wanna play take-back
I know where you´re coming from, you´re just looking out for number one
I can understand if you didn´t want me, but then again you already got me
Caught up under your spell, and love I already fell
I wanna take you home black magic woman, I can´t leave you alone
I´ll never hear the bells, if you leave me
And I don´t know what I´d do, if you deceive me
Probably break down in a lonely stage, and go through a lonely rage
How come nobody told me this about the loneliest loneliness
Every smiling face ain´t a happy one
And without you girl a happy man, I just can´t be one
Many guys have come to you with a line that wasn´t true
And you passed them by, now let me try

[Chorus 2x]