Letra de The outcome

Lil Rob

Letra de The outcome de Lil Rob
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( Lil Rob )

What´s up ese
Lil´ Rob, simon
It´s that vato you fools tried to hold back
But it was once said that you can´t keep a good man down
And so I´m back, that´s the outcome
Here we go

Every morning I wake up and it´s the same old way
Just another day, but I still like to play from Saturday til Saturday
Some things never change, Lil´ Rob remains the same
Always and forever, I´ve got my mind together
Now a lot better, tougher than leather
Whether or not you agree, I´m from SD and I won´t flee
Gee what a guy, that´s what they say
C-H-I-C-A-N-O de San Diego
Gotta give my Q-Vo´s to all my primos out in Los
Oh so far but yet oh so close
I got you fiending, I think you need a dose
Of that shit that got some of my gente dreaming
All in my flows, nobody knows where it all goes
But it takes it til the end, final countdown
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Boom boom, blowin up, blowin up is the outcome

[Chorus 2X]
I´ve got you fiending (fiending) for the flavor of the
Natural High, Natural High, Natural High
This is the outcome of me by my lonesome
I take the beats and lock em down like Folsom

My life was like a puzzle searching for the pieces
Couldn´t find the reasons now I´m bumpin for all seasons
Can´t nobody stop me, cuz people want me
Hoping that my wicked past doesn´t come back and haunt me
No thanks to the ones who doubt me
Don´t know about me or my destiny
But they keep testing me
Thinking that they´re stressing me
But I pay them no mind
My time is too expensive to fight young and all defensive
I´ve learned my lesson over the years
Don´t pay no attention to jealous peers
Fear keeps them going and going, I´ve got them fighting
And they know that I´m knowing and so I keep on writting and writting
But they keep on fighting to be the very best
I just huff and puff and put that smoke up in my chest
Not even trying to be number one
But I´m real to myself so it´s already done
And this is the outcome

[Chorus 2X]

All of a sudden there was silence
Not a care in the world, no sign of violence
I´m flying high just like a pilot
You would be to if you would try it
I go insane when I can´t find it
My homey sells that´s where I buy it
I roll it up in a joint and then I light it
It´s just the feeling that I have
And I can´t fight it I´m so excited
Delighted to show these fools that they ain´t got the skills to do it
They´re like a mechanic without tools
I got so much to lose but so much to gain to end it now
Smoke Mary Jane to ease the pain
Who has the last laugh now
People wondering how, and so I tell them just like this
When you´re guaranteed to hit you´re guaranteed not to miss
Not even trying to be number one
But what´s done is done and this is the outcome

[Chorus 2X]

Yeah, and that´s how it goes down
Try to hold a man back he´s bound to comeback twice as hard
And that´s exactly what I did
While you´re stepping on other people´s toes
Trying to get to where you wanna get
I just sit back and huff and puff and put that smoke up in my chest
Not even trying man, yeah