Letra de I like the way you love me

Lil Rob

Letra de I like the way you love me de Lil Rob
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( Lil Rob )

Oh I See You Kicking Back Down The Block You Stole My Breath I Couldnt Talk Couldnt Walk Couldnt Breath Please Believe Me You Might Be The One I Need Hopefully Well Talk Eventually Do You Mention Me When You Talk To Your Friends So How I Hope You Do I Wanna Get Close To You Do You Notice Me Notice You Love Everything You Do I Dont Even Know You But I Want To Do You Want Me Because I Want You And Ill Do What I Got To Everytime I Dream Is About You.

Wether You Thrill Me To My Song And I Like It I Like All So And I Tell My Self Deep Down Inside I Could Never Let You Go

Girl I Like The Way You Loving Me Never Pushing Shoving Me Call Me When You Do You Never Buggin Me Always On The Game Plus You Always Looking Lovely Baby Put Your Trust On Me Tell Me All Your Thoughts Ma Do You Gonna Roll Chillin At The Spot Chillin After Dark You Got My Heart Plus You Always Roll With Me Inside Your Heart I Know Exactly Who You Are Never Have To Fake It Anything I Want Is On Your Palms Wether Your With Yours Friends Chillin With Me Rollin Up Inside The Car Till The Break You Know Know The Song Bumpin Into Some Oldies Dedicatin You The Songs And Our Love Is Strong Then Im Advicing You To Brake It Down And Do You Thing And Bring It On Ma You Know Im On A Mission Thinking About You Wishing Just Want One Of Your Kisses You Wanna Be My Mrs And You Dont Care If Im In The Business From The Way You Lick Your Lips Walk And Shake Them Hips Tellin Me You Loving This Having Thoughts Of Me And You Together Chillin Well I Tell You This

Bcuz I Like The Way You Love Me Thrill Me Chill Me Love Me Oh Baby Oh Girl Oh Oh Everytime You Kiss Me Fills Me From My Head To Feet And I Tell Myself A Deep Down Inside Their Would Be No One Else For Me Bcuz I Like The Way You Love Me Love Me Thrill Me Chill Me Love Me Oh Baby Oh Girl...