Letra de Pre-empty nest syndrome

Chasing Victory

Letra de Pre-empty nest syndrome de Chasing Victory
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( Chasing Victory )

I´ve been thinking about something in our past
Words you said that were forgot
I don´t want to be a dime or a dozen child
A mother´s love should not be lost
Instead of storming out the door
You could turn around and look me in the eyes
I´m one of the three from two
Who never loved each other
So I know it´s hard but could you try
Show me a mother´s tender heart
Spilled out for her children
Call me your own to let me know
You never thought less of me
I don´t feel betrayed
I was just so scared of losing you
All the times you tried to hurt yourself
You only hurt me
Like a poet once said
"They´ll tear your life apart
And call your failures art"
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