Letra de Come between everything

Chasing Victory

Letra de Come between everything de Chasing Victory
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( Chasing Victory )

The ties that bind our hands are on our necks and we´re strangling
for our final breath.
We pass the torch along to our kids;
we´re burning there minds, but we can´t touch their hearts.
Until our tears fall in love, I´ll stitch my cheek to yours
and we´ll dance all nighit under the moonlight.
Like present-day towers,
I´ll crumble to a crashing defeat and in the blackout we´ll fall
into a dream.
Your love, what more could I sing of.
Your eyes, they were my first love.
We´ll start right back again like a million times before
though we´ve fallen like leaves during autumn.
Our tears are mad in love and our cheeks are red and blush,
but I don´t want to go to sleep so I´ll just fall into a dream.
Come between everything.
Come between everything and blow me away.
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