Letra de Violent and armed

Chasing Victory

Letra de Violent and armed de Chasing Victory
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( Chasing Victory )

Bring me back to life.
I´m crying out for something that´s not even there at all.
God, oh God, bring us back to life and save us all from death.
On this lonely night we´re writing letters to God
and we´re asking Him to please bring back my sun or just send me a sign.
Ready, set, go!
I´m calling all cars.
Ready, set, go!
I´m violent and armed.
I think it´s safe to say that we´ll bring this back down tonight,
Open your sleepy eyes to the colors of the sky that are bringing
me back to life.
So I´ll stand my ground then I´ll whither away like a rose that´s
been sitting in the sun too long.
Well I asked for this and I´ll die for you.
You said that this wasn´t permanent.
I´ll die for this.
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