Letra de Dying day


Letra de Dying day de Blitzkid
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( Blitzkid )

Tonight the reaper mows for me
In the grip of suicide
Cold steel rests upon my flesh
Running red drips from the blade
My time is drawing near
Salvation comes so swiftly
Forever to be laid to rest
embrace my past for the dying day

Remember me
Think of me as you dream
I kiss the sorrow of your soul
And pray to god my soul to keep...

Deathâ??s specter looming close
the plug is pulled from machines
Breath escaping from my chest
The endâ??s a heartbeat away
My time is drawing near
salvation comes so swiftly
forever to be laid to rest
Embrace the past for the dying day

(repeat chorus)

We tried-oh how we tried
Blame rests on hands of mine
No place left for me inside
Released from the demons on the day I died...(x2)
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