Letra de Dementia


Letra de Dementia de Blitzkid
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( Blitzkid )

She reads to me by the soft glow of candlelight,
speaking of angels and demons
Instilled at such an early age, with such fright, were
These divine gifts of reason
I lie awake as her ghost it still walks through the
halls, and moves all around me,
Echoing warnings burned into me as a child, that the
sinner will pay with his life....
Sheltered in filth, the windows they all bleed black,
to hide such dementia
Inside of my mind or the mind that I seem to lack, no
one pays close attention.
I lie awake and I think of the simpler times, before
insanity found me
With a desire to unearth the dead in the night, making
me feel so alive
And now a part of me feels complete, when I butcher
these bodies
Trophies of skin they fall at my feet, all decaying
and rotting
Sick pleasures fulfilled to me every time, I bring
home a new slave
Mother said lost souls should all be saved, ´cept from
a madman and his empty graves....

Screams to me by the top of her lungs in my dreams,
like I´m no more than a devil
As this hatred grows, I sorely feel a need, that
starts here with my shovel
Prying open the lid I can still see her face, etched
in my eyes here forever
I´ll take you to my depths, and there I will
desecrate, it´s got to be now or be never.

It´s got to be now, now or never(X4)