Letra de She dominates


Letra de She dominates de Blitzkid
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( Blitzkid )

Seduction places me in line, revealed to a submissive side.
A crack of her whip is fine, latex rubber and blind eyes
Cat o´ nine tails breaks me down, her discipline is so profound
Scars and cuts keep me around, tied up or tied down as
long as I am bound...Just as long as I am bound.

Place me in your sense of care, I´d do all for you, anywhere...
You are the master I am the slave, willing to be your depraved
Servant to your ev´ry whim, let this fetish slow begin
Take control let this be done, you rule this moment what may come.

I like this thing I am whenever you are near
There is no resistence here
She dominates-I need some pleasure with my pain
She dominates-Abuse me in leather whips and chains
She dominates-Reduce me to a pleading cry, break the
skin and tantalize
I need some pleasure with my pain-she dominates...
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