Letra de The captive

At The Throne Of Judgement

Letra de The captive de At The Throne Of Judgement
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Letra de The captive de At The Throne Of Judgement.

( At The Throne Of Judgement )

At the spire
I am looking down at a vesper without a merciless fire
The flames azure like waters fashion, waters passion
With you I fall asunder, with you I´m falling under
You take a statues form
No movement made in the morn
Standing still hope is bludgeoned with disaster...
Brought down by the ropes of fate,
the marble face shatters
Blasted in the face, no more soulless gaze
Stripped emotions
The face of bone
Give my thy hammer forged by stone
and let me pulverize the skull
Crushing the face with my mace
"Dark mane please abide to this old
sage for he is laden with hopes of
a better place. In order to survive you
must listen closely or else the old maven will curse with rage."
I am in chains
I am shackled to a place where terror reigns
I´m cursed by rage
Gallop mare, away from wrought
steel forged with the elder´s lore
Run stallion amongst naves with
the greatest haste away from these manacles weight
Never fall for its temptress ways
Through the city
And out of its gates it is deemed a treacherous day
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