Letra de Celestial scourge

At The Throne Of Judgement

Letra de Celestial scourge de At The Throne Of Judgement
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Letra de Celestial scourge de At The Throne Of Judgement.

( At The Throne Of Judgement )

Truest is thy word that has fallen from the cosmic.
My open arms seem welcome this.
Understanding it seems beyond my mortal logic,
cascading comets that has spawned from Saros.
"Infernal spheres of chaos plummeting
towards the surface. Where my mind
can only comprehend - The impervious
delusions of the heralding ascension"
with honest traditions...and intent to assail
the masses. Mavens of illusory sorcery,
deserving a fate dealt by the victims,
gorge their appetite for destruction -
"Hideous fiends that resemble the
defiled devour all sense of purpose;
consuming carcasses like vutures
after sacrifice in the city of Carthage."
Perched on high, piercing the skies,
the ravenous parson scream blasphemous lies.
Forewarning their prey, of their dissension
of the day that was claimed divine.
"Heed my order o´ scavengers of the wounded,
replulsive wretches be worthy of my final verdict.
Thy scepter rules with sadistic
amusement to those who claim
righteous favor, the taste of flesh...let us savor".
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