Letra de Horus rises

At The Throne Of Judgement

Letra de Horus rises de At The Throne Of Judgement
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Letra de Horus rises de At The Throne Of Judgement.

( At The Throne Of Judgement )

Rise. A sentence given, to the
afflicted living, it?s where the darkness
allows me to overthrow any King of the kind,
and for this I sought the choir to sing aligned.
My wrath becomes mine and the
signs we summon (the enigmatic
music still plays). Sit in the blistering throne,
and take it in. This has gone way
past the ideals of sin, as I perform reprisal
making it an eternal war. Betrayed.
Blood is running down my arms;
the same arms I used to vanquish
her dreams (vanquishing dreams
is just and comforting). "I am not
ready to kill to save myself from regret,"
I claimed until I was betrayed.
??Down the sacred chambers the
embers roar. Regret pours into the
inner cavity of my core, and I soar.
I take flight. From below I see the
blazing throne; from below I hear the
tortured soul. The Curse
of the Millennia awaits me. Why
can´t I breathe? It´s pounding on
my confines. A mallet placed in a
roaring god´s hands (pummeling
the ground, and pummeling my face).
Seismic waves obliterate
my skull blasting my soul with a
wretched sound. No longer found
by this ill fate, a mark embraced by
the Hordes, I´m birthed into this
world. I´ve come to murder my
Lord (I can almost taste...).
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