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Letra de Where i go de Artch
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Letra de Where i go de Artch.

( Artch )

In the dark i hear the storm
the fire keeps us warm
i reach out to touch your face
to feel the warmth of your embrace
Tomorrow i'll be back on the road
i'll miss you - no matter where i go
I've traveled far, high 'n low
like a river that falls to the sea
in search for something - to feel free
but in the end i always take
the road that will lead me to you
i hope you'll be there - waiting too
Don't know when i'll miss you - where i go
baby, i can't get enough, ohh i've got to
let you know - you'll always be where i go
When i'm alone far from home
i feel like i'm a prisoner - damned for all times
i sing my song for you alone
there's nobody else that'll do ...
well, i guess i'm a slave for ...
loving you
Tomorrow i'll be back on the road
i hope you will follow - where i go -

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