Letra de Shoot to kill


Letra de Shoot to kill de Artch
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Letra de Shoot to kill de Artch.

( Artch )

Through the smoke, through the fire
is the heat and the rain
the soldiers ran for cover. down the drain.
ambush on the left, battle-roars on their right
The moon was bright in the dead of the night
looking' down at their final fight ...
"open fire! - shoot to kill!"
at sunrise the fires died the bloodshed was over
young jim lay dead - shot in the head
his eyes looking nowhere
a small-town-hero, at 18 a zero ...
no turnin' back
never had the will to shoot to kill
dead on the first attack
"open fire! - shoot to kill!"
Rule 1: "shoot first, then ask questions!
rule 2: "the winner hails!
rule 3: remember, total destruction!
rule 4: "dead men tell no tales!
You man of war! well you live to see tomorrow!
be wiser than your father was
don't fall as a hero
die! if you want to but man you can count me out
'cause i've been there before ...
it's a cold - bloody war
and i know what's it all about ...
"open fire! - shoot to kill!"
- dead men tales no tales -
"shoot to kill" ... - you're all gonna die!

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