Letra de Titanic


Letra de Titanic de Artch
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Letra de Titanic de Artch.

( Artch )

Skies were clear that april-night.
the mighty ship on her "virgin-voyage".
shining like a "silver-sun".
queen of the seas, sailing-on
Hold the course, the captain
gave his command.
"full-speed ahead", this is...
The great "titanic" - yeah
flags raised-high...
if only they had known.
the great "titanic" - yeah,
'cross the atlantic,
cruising on and on - yeah.
She sailed with speed
in glory and with grace.
queen of the seas...
(titanic-down, down)
A "fort of steel" - unsinkable
built to survive, she sailed to glory.
at the iceberg, like a knife..
cut her open to end her story
"abandon-ship", i hear the captain cry.
"we're going down, let's man the life-boats".
"save the woman and children first".
"send out the message"...s.o.s.
(titanic-down, down)