Letra de Through my door


Letra de Through my door de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

I´m watching your reflection
on the surface of the night
Dreams are all that´s left for me
now you´re hiding out of sight

No more skipping light fandangos
cause our cartwheels cracked the floor
I wish it could just rain forever
there´s no sunshine anymore...

Sometimes it almost feels alright again
though it willl never be the same

I still not dare to watch them all
our pictures of the past
so close to me as I recall
all the suffering came at last

Remember when I told you
about the dreams I had
in those dreams you were leaving
but you just smiled at me and said:

"Don´t you see that you were made for me?"
And then we threw away the key...

You walked through my door
like she did before
and now that you´re here
I want you to stay
but in secret I fear

You´ll leave through that door
like she did before
and all I can do
is stand there beside
all battered and blue

But maybe you´ll stay
just hold me and kiss
my darkness away

Deep down inside
A flame that still burns
might light up my life

My love, tonight
with your arms around me
we might chase the light
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