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Letra de The heritage de Ancient
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( Ancient )

"obscure forces of the shadows i call you!"
i'm the one who raped the children of abel
i am the wicked king of the night
and i am the wicked king of the night
and i am ready to face your strength
in the stone cold temple the four are gathered
the sweet innocent virgin lays unveiled
surrounded by candles on the black altar
companions and brothers, i want you on my side
be ready now for our ritual shall begin
"are you ready to become the bride of evil?
are you prepared to receive my dark powers?"
"don't let my beauty die away
like a dead dry teal
come to me, give me immortality
...here on this black altar
i make my promise of faith!"
he's coming closer, and pierces her neck
with passionate inhuman fury
the cuts his pulsing veins
and makes her drink his precious blood
the two minds fight and dance together
a frenzied dance of secret love
"under this ivory fullmoon
i rise now immortal!"
now reborn with dead indifferent eyes
join me night creature in my anthem of glory!
"lord of darkness,
your obscure gift made me undead
in crimson passion we'll live together
screaming in filth
forever damned!!!"