Letra de Song of kaiaphas


Letra de Song of kaiaphas de Ancient
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( Ancient )

I slept in the fires of hades
but did not burn
i breathed in sulphorous vapors
to reach the astral plane
I tamed the three-headed cerberus
then devoured his flesh
i stared deep at the face of the gorgon
and made her turn to stone
I made love to prosperine
to taste its bitter venom
i shot an arrow into the eye of the cyclops
the earth shook as he fell
I called the mighty kraken
and watched him rise to do my bidding
i soared on the wings of the great dragon
to feel the infernal wind
I hunted the enchanted unicorn
to obtain its horn of power
i entered the labyrinth of daedalus
and slayed the ferocious minotaur
I came as the great star
to ignite the blaze of the phoenix
i'll come to you in the shape of incubus
and plant my deadly seed

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