Letra de Prophecy of sehenna


Letra de Prophecy of sehenna de Ancient
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( Ancient )

On the first day of gehenna
the shrieking winds shall be silent
and when a black sun hangs from a somber sky
caine's sleeping children shall once again arise
When antediluvians awake from eons of slumber
the strongest of us shall fall prey to their hunger
countless storms shall quake the earth
as the world turns icy cold
On the second day of gehenna
our father shall return
and unite his wretched kindred
to the ebon throne of city enoch
The vile culprits of diablerie
shall meet their deserved fate
to drink the scarlet tainted from the first-born
eating away their breathless bodies
And there shall be battle
the next millennium antediluvians rule
but shall be borne a woman bearing lunar mark
the only key to our salvattion...