Letra de Tidings from the blue sphere


Letra de Tidings from the blue sphere de Afflicted
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Letra de Tidings from the blue sphere de Afflicted.

( Afflicted )

Probing... inward
seeking new depths within myself
an odyssey through my subconscious
the deeper i venture the worse it will be
i don't know if i want to see
as i realize my view of society
Their games of power infest the air
lost in your own world, you don't want to know
perpetual decline is breeding despair
i questio myself, how far will it go?
And life goes on under yellow sun
as time goes by in star-filled space
and ignorant children pace the earth
all revealing in endless mirth
A fragile eco-system
in orbit around the star
imbalance under way
it has come too far
The future is concealed by time
and lurking around the next bend on our way
yes, you speak and yes, you act
but is your reason still intact?
Errors, mistakes
something we make
trust in technology
something we fake
Our action past and present
are closing in on us
visions of our future
a world that's choked in dust

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