Letra de The empty word


Letra de The empty word de Afflicted
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( Afflicted )

(i have) realize the meaning of the empty word humanity
affected with the sight of (an even worse) our insane reality
Build up your aggression
release your frustration
despite the ignorance
of our passive lives
You keep on complaining
with an aggressive verbal rage
reform your mentality
react with more than words
you know what they have done
deeds beyond all measures
their insanity increases
i realize that life is extreme
Days passed by
before your tv eyes
your ignorance
leave me just frustration
#: daily visions of a forthcoming end
where reality increases to the extreme
the world begins to boil over
awaiting just to cease to be
Our heritage, an unfertile world
diseased by greed and passivity
the major threat is yourself
your senseless mind and lack of consciousness