Letra de Rising to the sun


Letra de Rising to the sun de Afflicted
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( Afflicted )

Guide me...
hrafn blots godi...
guide me...
hratn ass...
odhinn, hear me...
hrafnass, hear me...
lend me, sleipner
so i cantride
between the worlds tonight
I sit on my skin rug under the mesmerizing moon
the show falls but i do no freeze
this night is calm and the sky is clear
and the shadows of my life dance on the trees
Spirit, spirit dance with me
dance with me tonight
spirit, spirit dance with me
as he flames we rise and fly

The drum is my horse and it rides through the woods
we swim on the starsea as one
i close my eyes when i hear the wolves
the howls of geri and freki, guide me!
Wolf, wolf howl with me
howl with me tonight
wolf, wolf howl with me
guide me now!
The rhythms of the beating of my drum fades away
and i see that the wolves stand awaiting for me
my naked feel leave no trace in the snow
as i run through the woods with the wolves
With my drum i ride the wind
and travel in what you call dreams
i let my spirit rise and fly
to nine worlds invisible to our eyes
My journey has gone beneath the worlds
i praise odin for lending me sleipner
clenching my fists, i scream to the sky
my dreamquest has begun!
A pagan soul born a thousand years too late
i have the spirit of the old
and my path is set by fate
one of the faithful few i am one of the last
who worship pagan gods and claims
the heritage of our pagan father's past