Letra de Tyrants on your warpath


Letra de Tyrants on your warpath de Abominator
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Letra de Tyrants on your warpath de Abominator.

( Abominator )

Suffer the earth!

Elite powers, wretched beings, using the elements to suppress me
Grasping the earth with their stranglehold of malevolence
The hordes of plutocracy, feed on the nature of hypocrisy
Unable to contain the malignant eroding world decay

Whips strike the worthless, arbitrary cruelty
Resistance is futile, surrender or die!

Breeding untold bitterness, darkest disillusion
Stab at their hearts with brimstone resolve
Spit in the face of irreversible destiny

Global deception in withered moral enslavement

Subjugate our hope, wrongful abuse of power
Their motives an inferno, illuminating our final hour

The darkness shall soon have its way, by stealth you will obey
Leading us to a chasm world grave,
Tyrants on your warpath, you´re enslaved!

Coersed into madness, a fictional discipline march
Plunging us headlong into oblivion
Lucifer enflame our pride, repe their souls in time
Storm of retribution in the skies, expose their flagging altruistic lies

Enforcing invisible beasts, bringing us to the brink
Axis of cosmic chaos and death, end this immediately

The corpses of plutocracy, succumb to armageddon´s ferocity
By the scars in your bloodstained hands, defy this dead world command

Psychic genocide, resolve of the tyrants, last attempt to suffocate dissent
Slaves admonished to a catastrophic end

Tyrants on your warpath, serve in pain!

Lucifer enflame our pride, rape their insipid souls in time
Storm of retribution in our eyes, reign the sulfur from the skies!
New world imperium is here, SUFFER!
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