Letra de Sarcarium tormentum


Letra de Sarcarium tormentum de Abominator
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Letra de Sarcarium tormentum de Abominator.

( Abominator )

Forbidden entrancement by the mighty necronomicon, Crowley
A dismal recitation, the names of all consuming beasts

Taken the oath, in rituals of tortured screams
Subconscious invocation to a landscape of tormented dreams
Seeking pentagrams, embedded in sleep, in sacred walls of flesh and coal
The dungeons of necromancy, blood filled maze of insanity

Winds of black vortex, draw me towards the abyss
Brought forth to the urn to drink the filth of immoral bliss
Pentagrams bleeding, souls petrified, gathered at the styx, demonified

I sleep within the pyramid, in dreamscapes apparitions become active
Penetrating the columnar wave
Dark influence on the soul, body flaccid

Departure from life without sorrow, ensnared by Baalberith
Witnessed his lust for infanticide, stared into his murky eyes
Descent into purgatory

Red lava, the trepidation of molten streams
Blood sculpture, the haunting claustrophobic proximity
Black waters, drowning me in inverted dreams
Insane maze, sarcarium tormentum

Convoluted soulflight, astralic nightmare, immortality or cease
Subterranean voyages obscene
As a sacrificed infant bearing ancient breath
Horrific scenery, the stare of grim faces
Embedded in the halls of twisted flesh

Drawing nearer to the snarling awoken
All of my past wounds bleed afresh
Led to an enclave of dismay
Forced to taste a gruel of my own flesh

I dream within the tomb, abandoned to sarcarium tormentum

Asral entanglement, where the stars and hell converge,
Unknown curse of Cheops compels my morbid urge to self immolate and burn!
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