Letra de Mutilate


Letra de Mutilate de Abominator
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Letra de Mutilate de Abominator.

( Abominator )

To the point of the absurd, Slaughtered and writhed in
Absorb the primordial energy from the ritual mutilation
Within beastlike souls, the circle of fire intensifies
Pre-ordained, by the moon you´re slain, for the dark one´s gratification

Stakes aflame, releasing the stench of eternal life
Bleed in sorrow as you suffer a nocturnal death

Chosen to indignate, flesh turns black, cries of anguish and pain
Satiated lord of the ritual, rising from the seal again
Blessed are you to observe this bizarre attention
Piercing the genitalia over a chalice for the blood´s retention

Bleed in sorrow as you suffer a noctunal death!

Enraptured by the torture, you stoke the fire again
Branding your lacerated flesh with the ultimate symbol of pain
Spirit worship insane

Sharpened stone to the skin, marking ourselves to this death
Such macabre remembrance of the victim´s dying breath
Satan is nature in all of its girth, eternally soiling blood into the earth

Stakes aflame, releasing the eternal curse
Bleed in sorrow for the sacrificial creed

Damned we are, incorrigible termination
Dead we shall be, horrific mind consumption