Letra de Car crash theories

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Car crash theories de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

maybe if this car had crashed i wouldnt have to listen to all those pointless words from those loveless lips of yours, you said so much but i´ve never heard a word, other than goodbye, so goodbye, its better of this way, this sleepless vacation only proves some things aren´t as beautiful as the crash, i´ll finally see inside your chest as

You bleed pure honesty, honestly darling, theres a bittersweet aura in the air and its not the smoke from the engine as we die out miles away from home, we´re not lost, only hopeless, this car crash is the only real thing i´ve felt for the past week, my voice is weak and i can´t see you anymore, the glass is fogging up, there must be someone out there who can save me, pull me out by my hair, i dont care if it hurts, i dont want to die here by your side, its as good as dying alone