Letra de Cancer

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Cancer de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

â??Compassionate winter
Embrace me in your web of white
As the frozen sunset sheds the light
From my blackened lips�

A sunset falls over a silent scene as I fall into cocaine dreams
Of a day when the world turns over just for me
Cool mountain air seeps through my bones, brittle as they are
I´ll wish upon a distant star, hoping, only hoping
For a white Christmas
With this winter chill I wish the sky will open and give me the greatest gift of all
A parade of red snowflakes, a monotonous orchestra
A day when the world turns over just for me

â??Too young to know that thunderstorms aren´t terrible
For every drop of rain that falls into a field
Must yield to a flower with intent to grow�

Tonight the sky will shed its solemn tears in shades of black and gray
A quiet rainstorm ensures that wilted flowers will find strength to endure winter
A single rose, unwanted and unloved, cracking through the pavement
With no room to grow it slowly withered
When is a rose not a rose? When does a rose lose beauty?
Tonight the skies will open up; the clouds have shed their solemn tears
And a life once lost returns to color, lucid now like a crystal
Clear skies and butterflies, beauty is restored

â??Heartbreaking, the silence emanating from the son
The monotonous orchestra arrived, along with a silent parade
A fragile heart is broken as a life is set free
I will live forever as the man I meant to be�

Lay me out in my Sunday best; make me handsome, make me proud
You watched me grow up, watched me fall
Stood by my bedside through it all
A man in black came with a book today
He said, "Son take my hand and let us pray"
Now on the same bed, my body lies and at my feet my mother cries
The boy she loved with heart and soul, not yet a man at eight years old
With my eyes shut tight I can finally see, the fine young man I would never be
Now my mother, who never prayed, screams "please don´t take my son away"
I´ll come tonight to lay blue roses at your feet
I will live forever as the man you´ll never meet...