Letra de Nevermore

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Nevermore de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

My mirage slowly fades into a jagged, transparent illusion of what I never was
A delicate construction of a breathless tale
It´s all so contrived
A frail thread to hang upon, fraying at the tips
Now at the hands of Fate, with her knuckles so white
Just a cleave, a snip from crimson shears, to end this bitter prophecy
My sanctuary lies in flames, my heart tainted by ashes
Like an angel without wings, a man without a shadow,
A wolf without a howl...
...Lingering silences, never broken, never spoken, nevermore...
Like a prophet without text, a king without a crown,
A meaningless effigy, a straw dog
The corpse of my conscious is soon on the pyre, embracing the warmth
Embracing the fire
So deafening, the silence of my thoughts
A quivering apogee but yet an insightful awakening with open eyes
Grayscale portraits of the past fall in place with the tinted visions of the future
Cold wind against open wounds sends a shiver down my spine
I watch as my mirage slowly fades into a bleak, derelict reality in which I always wanted
Cold air, tainted dreams, decaying
Take me back to the days when I was no one