Letra de Eternal sunshine

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Eternal sunshine de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

cut me out of your photographs
and erase every word
close your eyes and when you wake up
i hope your happy
left with empty letters lined with empty words
you wont even remember
the time we spend together
it all seems so meaningless now
i hope you blame yourself
when you find the frame you forgot hidden underneath your bed
now things will never be the same
i hope theres something missing everytime you fall asleep, a hole in your chest
from the times when i found you at your best
dont wake up, dont wake up
its not over yet
your memory is fleeting, falling fast
like the pulse of my heart right before it died
forget me, forget me
(i hope your miserable and alone)
forget me, forget me
(i hope you wont believe a thing)
forget me, forget me
(its just that simple)
i hope you hate yourself
(i hope you die alone)
in peace...