Letra de Broken mirror dreams

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Broken mirror dreams de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

and oh my god
this stabbing feeling is killing me
up and down my spine, how can i ever say i´m fine?
my head begins to spin and my gut turned inside out and now i´m spilling on the floor....
...this sick sick dream has been tearing at the seams of my skull, tempting to tear it in two, and oh my god, im in this state because of you, and you know i´d do anything to stop the screaming in my skull, but my words are few and the knife is dull....
....i need someone to save me, hold me and tell me it´ll be okay, i dont mind the bullshit i know you´ll say, just tell me you´ll never leave my side, cuz i swear to god i need a shadow now...
....(and oh my god) i cant breathe
(and oh my god) i cant sleep
(and oh my god) the pain creeps up my leg
(oh my god) i´ll start to pray and i will beg
(and oh my god) for someone to save me...
...this sick twisted fantasy has torn into reality, i cant dream without this sweat and those screams, and oh my god, this bed will be my grave so someone please save me now, save me please, i scare myself....