Letra de Life on the murder scene

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Life on the murder scene de A Bloody Canvas
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( A Bloody Canvas )

I wish I could blame you for this aching in my heart
hate you for everything you never did wrong
untouchable mistakes, unseen and unspeakable
i could so easily twist the truth and say you ran into the knife
but my hands remain red
no matter how i put this it´ll be me on the witness stand with patient eyes awating my confession to failure....
ive examined every angle and questioned every witness, but no one understands, maybe i´ll just wash my guilty hands and get this over with...i have no reasons to despise you, or even stare at you with scorn, you´ve taught me everything in this life that i´ve torn...
....looking at your body has left me shaking, aching to speak words i swore not to say aloud, but once you look past the blood and severed bone, you see beauty, i feel i must say this to the crowd....
...this was my fault....
i cant deny failure, no not to her...
standing before patient eyes
i´ll confess failure
please someone send me away
take me because i hate me...