Letra de The psychomantum litany (chronicle excerpt)

Theory In Practice

Letra de The psychomantum litany (chronicle excerpt) de Theory In Practice
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( Theory In Practice )

For insight into the spiritworld I paint this mirror black
In order to enhance my vision, travel to the beyond and back
Slightly intoxicated, numbing the nerves of my anatomy
Mindset for discovery
Like a lighthouse in the embrace of night´s darkness they are
Candles lit, incense ablaze serves me as earthbound guiding stars
Unreality chilling my spine, an omen inside
I stare into thee, mirror reveal to me
The scrying session begins
The darkness of the looking glass increasing in depth it seems
A sacrosanct phenomena I thought only could occour in dreams
The psychomantum reflects nothing but an appearance begins
I gaze in hypnotic stare, someone is there within
Inside the surface of glass, a face I cannot see
Perhaps from times long passed
Staring back from the blackpainted mirror, a face I recognize
Morphing now into spinning light
Metamorphosis from face to vortex, a portal of some kind
Projecting my mind into the spiral light, mind and mirror will now unite
Becoming formless, disconnecting with the flesh
Scrying infinity, body left for dormancy
Falling and rising in timelessness, light before me and within
Melting in illumination, around me as I spin
As I did you can also enter and see
Venture beyond, rise now and follow me
Inside the surface of glass, located in this place
Tri-located in now, future and past
Meeting the looking glass guest, appearing again
As I become one with the spiral -
Light, before me and within, around me as I spin
Enter intution and see, override logic and follow me.