Letra de Embodied for war

Theory In Practice

Letra de Embodied for war de Theory In Practice
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( Theory In Practice )

Not of this earth, I´m granted flesh and I´m embodied 1889
This time I look human but what I really am is disguised

Destroying a race regretlessly

I symbolize the infinite while you are symbols for the expendable
I´m the kind of being that lives to destroy and to destroy only

You´ll never glimpse, you´ll never grasp the visions I see
A brand new reality
From virus to human, embodied for war
This vengeance is mine, to rid the world of the swine

Returning again and again, I come in different shapes and forms
Disaster, disease I´ve been it all, now I´m a plague in human form

terror distorts their faces when they catch the inhuman glance in my eyes
When they see the pure hatred inside, in my eyes world wars arise

Blessed by destiny I form a new world
With a nation behind me the holocaust is a fact
They worship and fear me, they sense what I am
I lead them and they don´t know if victory or loss is at hand

The wounds I inflict on history will remain for all eternity