Letra de Monday morning

The Tossers

Letra de Monday morning de The Tossers
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( The Tossers )

I sit alone
I drink alone
I was born alone
I´ll die alone
I dream alone
I heal alone
I exist alone
And maybe now that´s a lot of alone to put up with

But I like drinking on a Monday mornin´
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday too
Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornin´
Monday morning start anew

Well I been mistreated so my damaged self image
Is what I learned when I believed that what was said was true
Try harder, ya punk, you´re an idle underachiever
Maybe so but I´ll spite you now I´ve somethin´ to prove
I´ve taken every behavior and identity on
Because I surely learned to be ashamed of my own
But aggression´s not conflict resolution
Even though family, government, society and wrestling tell ya so

Well there´s life outside school and your parents garden
So let go of how you learned your defences that way
It´s probably you who´s being selfish
No one has to stay with you when that´s what you say
You take your anxieties out on other people
When you feel their behavior isn´t true to you
And chemically on yourself when your damaged self image
Adheres to MacGowan´s philosophy and other men´s truths

Learning to let go of ideals and other people should be a virtue
Instead of torturing other for life
Never learning, never open, ´cause you´ve all these conclusions
Just ´cause it didn´t work for your parents
No need to force it to work with your wife
Well no one can make me happy or see my side
Cause the anxiety´s internal that makes us sad
So reassess addiction to chemicals and chronic wankin´
Well if that´s what makes me happy then I´ve always been sad
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