Letra de Ciara

The Tossers

Letra de Ciara de The Tossers
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( The Tossers )

And there will be angels for you to see
Ones who will love you, if you love them or not
And you wont rely on fantasy, you´ll be
Strong enough to be
And they´ll sing for you when you don´t want to hear
And they´ll carry you when you don´t want to stand
And they´ll be there when you don´t want to be
And you wont rely on fantasy or fairies
May you never be alone, may you never feel cold,
May you be strong and evade the cold grip of misery
May you sleep warm at night,may your eyes see
Bright, may you reflect what you´ve seen from
Others your own light
A rose for you my darling, may you always stay the same
I´ve never laid eyes on your equal
Thats why I´m so anious to see you again
You mean something to me-you know it
To a million other people too
I´ve always tried to keep the company of angels,
But I´d rather sit down here with you
A rose for you darling, if you change
Then I´ll know that its you
And I´ll always know that you´re an angel
And maybe I´m lucky to be here with you