Letra de The medusa

The Haunted

Letra de The medusa de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

She is a saint
Her womb is a place of rejection
She washes her perfect skin quietly
And hates me for being real

Kill the lights and listen for noises to give you away
Sanctuary [x3]
I need a place where I can feel...

[John James Hewitt (1931-1969) The Orchard:]
´´It feels like we´re all locked up in little cages´´
´´The celling is closing in, and the walls...
The walls are closing in - Can´t you feel that?´´

I will turn my eyes away
I will not turn into stone
No more accusations and lies

She´s spreading her self
Flesh giving away to flesh
I watch her bones
I´m being eaten alive

Remove the eyes
Remove the eyes
Remove the intentions and kill the light

Her love is a blinding line of fire to where I stand
Her love is as cold as her desire
I´ll never be free