Letra de Silencer

The Haunted

Letra de Silencer de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

Painful struggle: (you´re) tangled in my web.
Hogtied and worn like a crown on my head.
A notion to move is a motion to burn.
Dare a spark into flames, then roasted they´ll learn.

You know there´s nowhere to escape
It´s carved in stone i own your fate
Mute aggression, perpetuate...silencer.

A non-believer will be pistol whipped
Dropped in the hole then endlessly ripped
You better step back, you better toe the line
Don´t twitch or stray, don´t you fall behind.

Excessive appetite to capitalize
Another set of morals to realize
Face down, pinned to the ground
It´s all justified and sound
Know your place and bow down
What´s good for me is good for you
You better accept the facts as true.

Gag the suspects who speak their own mind
The truth is what i say, and not what you find
With a firing-squad´s diplomacy
Show state-of-art insincerity.

You know there´s nowhere to escape
It´s carved in stone, i own your fate
Your dependency i advocate