Letra de Downward spiral

The Haunted

Letra de Downward spiral de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

Falling. leaving my plague behind.
Cannot live this futile lie.
Resurrected. immune to your poison.
The world that i see [has] lost its
Creed [where] sin speaks through the
Wicked hell repossessed by those
Who burn with the guilt of being
Trapped ! trapped in this down-
Ward spiral. a vicious circle of lies
Fuelled with revenge. now i´m
Repossessing what´s mine
Another beating, can´t move at all
With sweet forgiviness you´ll take
The toll. rise! fight back! it´s all
Within the mind. trapped ! trapped
In this downward spiral. a vicious
Circle of lies. laugh at your foe. now
I´m repossessing what´s mine.
Thrust the blade. into this corroded
World. laugh at your foe. while you
Set his spirit free.

Pain! guilt! hatred!
Revelations of a dying world. raise
Your fists in anger. fight back !
Elevate in the hierarchy. reserve the
Line of command.

I´ve been burnt by the fire within
Fallen. left my plague behind. won´t
Succumb to the futile lies.
Resurrected. i will not give in.
Trapped ! trapped in this downward
Spiral. a vicious circle of lies. hell
Repossessed. i´ve been burnt by the
Fires within. escaping this downward
Spiral. free to breath again. only to
Return once more.
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