Letra de Grow up

The Grouch

Letra de Grow up de The Grouch
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( The Grouch )

When I was just a little boy, I´d sit around all day.
Thinking about the future to pass the time of day.
With my friends sittin´ laughin´, they would mainly laugh at me,
because I was always different, it was all so plain to see.
Didn´t want to be a fireman, a cowboy, or a cop.
I was always different like a sore thumb I stuck out.
Because even in my dreams I won´t pretend to age,
I knew a life of normalcy was nothing but a cage.
When I grow up, I don´t want to be like you!

To be a barbarian would be a lot of fun.
Sit around, eat raw meat in the mid day sun.
I´d dance around the fire, like a madman I would yell,
I´d smell a bit I´d fart a lot, I´d cut class and I´d belch.
I´d sack the Roman Empire and do with a grin.
I´d set the cities all ablaze...do it on a whim.
And people would shriek as I was coming into town,
because I´d bring my minotaur to help me fry it down.

When I grow up, I want something fun to do.
I don´t know much, but this much I know is true..
when life is short, I don´t want to be like you!

When I grow up I think I want to be white trash
living in a trailer park and sitting on my ass.
I´d beat my wife and kids, my kids are passed out in the lawn.
I´d steal my brewskies from my mom and often kick my dog.
I´d go to work an hour later, bitch about my boss.
I´d tell sexist jokes to all my friends to get my weight across.
And every friday night I think I´d bowl a round or two,
because standing watching monster trucks is just the thing to do!!