Letra de Cool enough

The Grouch

Letra de Cool enough de The Grouch
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( The Grouch )

We had met, through a friend and then (uh huh, uh huh)
Thought we´d be together to the very end (uh huh, uh huh)
My partners told me you was about that dough (uh huh, uh ha ha)
But when they said it I was like hell no
Cause I knew that you was so special (so beautiful)
Started seeing signs but I wouldn´t let go (uh, uh)
You complaining about my money cash flow (what)
Said it was a what, a bit too low (too low)
You was tripping on my boy´s tahoe (uh huh, uh huh)
And told me why can´t you be like that balling negro

I loved you, I couldn´t live without you
My life was all about you, and that just wasn´t cool enough
And now I´m back though, and rolling in my benzo
On 22 Lorenzo, and now you want to call me up

Do you recall a trip to NYC (remember that)
I spent all the money that I made that week (working hard for my dough)
38 hours on my 9 to 5
No matter how I tried your ass was never satisfied
Go back in town and I´m driving us home (already)
Stop at the light and you jocking someone´s clothes (what you looking at)
I knew right then it wouldn´t be me (uh huh)
Relationship was history (out the door)
I just can´t bring me back for no it watching h-o-e


[South Park Mexican]
High priced hoochie, love that coochie
But I won´t sit back and let a broad use me
Too much cash in my jeans left pocket
In the VIP blowing kill with the Rockets
Baller shot caller, sipping alcahola
Dopehouse after-party, everybody follow
Don´t trip, I got it real sick now-a-days
Six police that be earining they pay
Breaking up fights, and shining they lights
Take them all to jail till they learn to be nice
Jose, and my boy Mario
Brought a truck full of bud, we gone party yo