Letra de I wanna know

The Grouch

Letra de I wanna know de The Grouch
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( The Grouch )

If you got kids back home I wanna know
If you don´t I wanna know
If you´re straight or you ain´t I wanna know
If you´re broke I wanna know
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know

[verse 1]
If you wanna be with me I gotta know
What you doin´, where your goin´
Where you have been
Who you loved, who you liked, who you seein´
Before I let you in
Because I learned from my past...oh yes I did
Met a guy that I liked, he was my type
But he lied ´bout his wife and he tried
To play me, play me

Now how long was he goin´
Wait before he told me ´bout that
I can´t believe he did me like that
Something I should´ve known
But I´ve learned my lesson
Not again will I be naive
I need to know the secrets ya´ll keep
Cause what I don´t know can come back on me

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
If you wanna fall in love...gotta be aware
´bout the life that your lover´s been leadin´
So you know if they gonna be schemin´
Or if they gonna dog you out
Cause I know I´ve had my share...oh yes I did
Did me wrong...stayin´ at some woman´s place
I´m just glad he was not a closet case
Deal with cheatin´...but not that way

[repeat b-section and chorus]

Ladies, oh ladies
Find out all the partners he´s had
So later on you won´t be mad
Findin´ out what you don´t know
Fellas, oh fellas
Check for that Adam´s apple
So you won´t be on no talk show
Finding out what you don´t know
[repeat chorus]