Letra de Star is born

Sqaud Five-o

Letra de Star is born de Sqaud Five-o
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( Sqaud Five-O )

It's what you want, it's what you need.
man they got the things for you.
they'll break you big just like a chemical reaction.
then they'll tell you what to say and do.
you want this, and you need that.
but nobody really knows why.
they take control, no self control.
you're just along for the ride.
it's what you need.
take time to think.
is what you want what you need this time.
and look around and take a hold.
who's in control of your life.
you used to think you had it all figured out.
you'd never fall for their game.
now you want out but that's a chemical reaction.
and now you're going insane.
pride in your heart, filth in your mind.
i see the lust in your eyes.
turned back around to your one true love.
integrity in sight.
it's what you need this time.