Letra de Forever young

Sqaud Five-o

Letra de Forever young de Sqaud Five-o
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( Sqaud Five-O )

This is a song that i'm sendin to my generation.
we are the youth confronting our failing nation.
standing in christ, and we're never giving up.
we've got a problem and it's our own procrastination.
we need a jolt from our mental situation.
now is the time, the time for us to wake up.
forever young, seizing the day.
forever young, no running away.
forever young, come what may.
forever young, i'm gonna stay.
forever young.
it's time for change, today's the day.
my moment in time and i wont' let it slip away.
i never been so sure but my mind is made up.
renew my strength, with power to withstand this darkness.
renew my life, past the days of my present unrest.
and through the years keep my youthful vigor strong.