Letra de Silence


Letra de Silence de Slapshot
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( Slapshot )

I want to know, what do you believe
i want to say but can i speak my mind
but you're gonna leave no matter what i say
could you be real for once in your life
Silence - is the weapon you use on me
silence - i never take my own advice
silence - should have gotten out when i could
silence - and now i pay the price
I want to know when did you have the time
i want to know does the punishment fit the crime
i'd like a chance but the plea has been denied
break the silence there's no turning back
Silence - is the weapon you use on me
silence - another page in your history
silence - did i have a chance
silence - or was it made for me
Once again, love takes a turn for the worst
i'll be o.k. it isn't the first
she just decided she'd rather be friends
that's o.k. i'll just do it again and again and again