Letra de Last bow

Six Foot Halo

Letra de Last bow de Six Foot Halo
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( Six Foot Halo )

My hands wonÂ?t stop their shake
My eyes wonÂ?t focus up
ItÂ?s getting hard to fake it
My heartÂ?s turned inside out
My skin is looking rough
IÂ?m eaten up by doubt
All things are clearer
In your rearview mirror
I just need the strength to look ahead
I saw that something was missing
I thought that I shouldnÂ?t listen
To voices trying to fence in
The way I thought things should be
Oh, now I see the mistakes and
Feel how I slammed on the brakes
My last bow may be done in silence
Blinded by what I did not see
The day has lost its shine
The walls are closing up
ThereÂ?s trouble here to find
All strength has left me now
IÂ?m sure IÂ?ve had enough
Of all I see around me
All things are clearer...
I saw that...
The promise of, the glitter of
A life in lights could solve all
this heartache
Well maybe so
but youÂ?ve got to know
The only light that matters
is the one that you create
I saw that...