Letra de Feel

Six Foot Halo

Letra de Feel de Six Foot Halo
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( Six Foot Halo )

I want to feel like IÂ?m crossing over
I want to feel like IÂ?m falling down
I want to feel like IÂ?m stone cold sober
I want to feel like IÂ?ve left the ground
When you fly
do you tuck yourself away
When you lie
and tell yourself that itÂ?s OK?
Do you cry
now the hurt is here to stay?
Will you hide
and try to see another day?
When you bow your head beneath
gods that frown and nash their teeth
When the lies have had their way
WhatÂ?s there left to say?
I take my time
walk through open spaces
in my mind long since gone astray
I must rewind must reopen cases
need to find something more to say
When you fly...
All the voices scream
tired of in between
can you make a stand
grab it by the hand
Glancing all around for a thing profound
Can you take a breath
scares you half to death
When you fly...